Professional Pool Services

Our company dedicates itself in providing an exceptional repair and swimming pool maintenance service. With our extensive knowledge in a variety of swimming pools, acquired from our many years of experience in the industry, we are more than able to provide solutions to all kinds of problems such as water treatment, filtration problems, pipe and liner leaks. Our engineers have gained a wealth of experience to make sure that during summer, the outdoor pools of our customers are maintained in tip-top position while our many indoor pools clients enjoy swimming all year round.

We pay much attention to welcoming our new clients in our first class service and making sure that the level of service is maintained for our existing, as well as loyal customers. Our dedicated building teams are responsible for carrying out renovation and any new building work. It gives us great satisfaction that the majority of our customers remain with us even today.

Examples of Pool Services

1. Leak Detection

Swimming pools should be watertight, but after a long while, pool shells, fittings, or even sealants can deteriorate and start leaking. It is very crucial to repair any leaks since it can be beneficial in:

– Saving cash on chemicals, heating and water bills since most of us now are using some water meter.
– To avoid further damage to your pool’s structure or the surrounding buildings.

Once you give us a call when you are suspecting a leak, our professional engineers will pay your home a visit and carry out a survey to look out for any minor or visible damage. Most of the time, the cause of the issue can be quickly identified. If not, however, our team can then make plans for how the pool pipes will be pressure tested by using a piece of specialist equipment. After the leak has been detected, you’ll be offered a quotation for repair. Leak detection is a specialised component of the swimming pool industry that is why here at our company, we can provide our wealth of knowledge together with the latest testing equipment to make sure that you receive reliable results.

2. Renovations

We also deal with renovating swimming pools by using high-quality materials combined with a professional service to make sure that during all the stages of renovations, your full satisfaction is guaranteed. From tasks like replacing copings to a total re-vamp, no job provided is too small, and by enrolling in our services, you can rest assured that we will do all that it takes to move your project and complete it on time steadily.

Other Pool Services

We also specialise in supplying anything to do with spas, swimming pools, steam rooms and sauna such as:

Drains, skimmers, tiles, liners, Filter media, purifiers, control panels, dehumidifiers, heat exchangers, electric heaters, gas and oil boilers, Roman Bay Steps, pipework and filters, and all kinds of covers.

Cleaning and well-maintaining of your pool are essential for you, your pool, and your surrounding. So give us a call right away if you require any of the above services.